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Principal Investigator

I am a biological physicist interested in the physical and biological dynamics and synthetic ecology of microbial populations. I am interested in soft, active and living matter and lead the UK Fluids Network Biologically Active Fluids special interest group, comprising 40 leading UK academics in the field. I am also interested in soft matter physics and quantum vacuum electrodynamics (the Feigel effect).

Short biography

Msci Physics, Queen Mary College, University of London (2000)
PhD Theoretical Soft Matter Physics, University of Edinburgh (2004)
Visiting Scholar, Physics, Heriot-Watt University (2006)
Post-doctoral Research Associate, Biological Physics, University of Edinburgh (2006-2008)
Post-doctoral Research Associate, Mathematical Biology, University of Glasgow (2008-2012)
EPSRC mobility researcher co-investigator, Plant Metabolism, University of Cambridge (2012-2013)
Winton Advanced research fellow (2013-present), Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge


Dr Ottavio A. Croze
  • Winton Advanced Research Fellow
  • Research Associate, Corpus Christi college